1/16 Scale Mattorro Jagdtiger Ardenne Torro Metal edition custom camo painted with camo cover and chain. Airsoft with sound and smoke. $680.00 airsoft $680.00 IR.

1/16 Scale Mattorro Jagdtiger Ardenne camo #2
1/16 Scale Mattoro Jagdtiger Ardenne #2 Torro Metal edition custom camo painted with ammo crates, rope and camo netting $680.00 airsoft $680.00 IR. 
1/16 Scale Heng Long 1942 Leningrad Tiger 1 with side storage bins, new bins will have correct brackets. Smoke, sound and air soft $325.00
1/16 Scale Heng Long T34 Winter camo. This tank comes with smoke, sound and is airsoft $290.00
1/16 Scale Operation Market Garden Panzer III lots of extra detail items smoke, sound and air soft $205.00 can be made to infa red with barrel recoil. All metal version, ready to run with RX18 electronics $650.00
1/16 scale Jagdpanzer IV/48/V this kit includes the profiline Jagdpanzer kit installed, the needed low profile metal motor and gear box, the needed metal drive sprocket and idler wheel. It is smoke and sound and the barrel raises and lowers. It is not air soft or infa red. Hatches open and close on front armor and rear engine hatches open and close. This kit is ready to run just needs 8 AAA batteries for the remote. $610.00
1/16 scale Panzer IV Africa Korp custom pained and detailed. This tank is smoke, sound and airsoft. Contact us for an IR battle ready tank. $205.00
1/16 scale Panther F custom painted with Atak zimmerit, Panther F turret kit, Infrared night vision, smoke and sound with metal gear box. The turret turns 320 degrees and barrel raises and lower. This tank is not infrared battle system and is not airsoft. $450.00
1/16 scale Jagdpanther SS Panzer Kharkov custom painted with alot of extra details. Tank is air soft or infra red with smoke and sound. $230.00 for air soft and $250.00 for infra red.
1/16 Scale E75 Panther tank special builds call or contact us from contact page for pricing and options, this tank like all others can be painted in any camo pattern and customized in any way. The E75 pictured is a Tamiya that was provided by the customer the cost on this particular build was around $300.00 plus shipping.
1/16 Panzer III 1943 Russian front. Heng Long
panzer III with smoke, sound and air soft. Comes with side skirts added, can be customized with stowage contact us to custom build as you would like. As shown in picture $295.00
1/16 Wittman Tiger 222 Taigen with smoke, sound and airsoft. Custom painted  to ressemble the tiger tank used by Wittman #222. This RC tank comes with metal upgrades including tracks, gears, roadwheels, cupola,  drive sprocket and idler. $550.00
1/16 RC Panther F battle worn this model has too many extras to list can be built as pictured or without some of the items added to this model. This model would be without airsoft or infra red. Infra red battle system can be added along with barrel recoil. Priced as pictured without these options $550.00
1/16 Hooben Elephant battle of Kursk, this model is ready to run with TK22 electronics and hobby king radio. It has elevation, traverse and recoil heng long smoke unit and upgraded speaker. It does not include battle system but can be added along with a super smoker unit. Price as list $885.00
1/16 HENG LONG  Eastern Front T34 this tank is custom painted and weathered to appear as a eastern front from late in the war, it is full motion but is without IR battle system or sound or smoke. $290.00
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