All our custom tanks are assembled and ready to go, you can also contact us if you would like one custom built for how you like it. To have one special ordered goto the contact us page and e-mail a request, we will contact you and work out the pricing and details from there.
Ardennes Jagdpanther
Ardennes Jagdpanther
1/16 scale rc tank smoke, sound This tank has a lot of detail and custom painting to look very realistic. Airsoft $240.00 Infrared $250.00
1/16 Ardenne Jagdpanther with smoke, sound. airsoft $205.00 or Infared $215.001/16 Elephant tank, all metal ready to run with  Heng Long electronics, very nice realistic tank $1500.00
1/16 Henschel King Tiger battle of Kursk tank has smoke, sound and air soft comes with many extras has
excellent engine sound airsoft $335.00 infared 335.00
1/16 Operation Citadel Stug III has smoke, sound and is Infa Red has great detail to match copy of stug from the operation. $245.00
1/16 Desert Stug III has smoke, sound  has many details  $245.00
1/16 Wittman last Tiger 1 painted to match Micheal Wittmans last tiger. Has great detail with added metal late cupola. Late model road wheels can be added call for price and availability. This one has smoke sound and is airsoft. $265.00
1/16 Winter Stug recovered from Russia, this is a replica of the Stug III recovered in Russia complete with winter tracks, smoke, sound and IR $345.00
1/16 Desert Tank Destroyer painted in desert tan can be customized how you would like smoke, sound and air soft now is built with zimmerit added. airsoft $255.00 infrared $235.00
1/16 Jagdpanther winter camo smoke, sound and air soft comes with detachable side armor and zimmet $270.00 or infa red $290.00
1/16 Desert Tank Destroyer custom built with smoke, sound and air soft now is built with zimmerit added airsoft $310.00 or infa red $295.00
1/16 Urban Panther G has smoke, sound and zimmerit has really nice details and colors, must have to add to your collection. Air soft $265.00 and Infa Red $275.00
1/16 Mato Sherman M4A3 desert camo has realistic sound, and airsoft, 2.4ghz includes many extra stowage items. $250.00
1/16 Heng Long Pacific M4A3 sherman custom painted and weathered with stowage, smoke, sound and airsoft $265.00
 1/16 Heng Long  M36 tank destroyer conversion. This is smoke, sound but is not airsoft. Infra Red can be added contact for quote. $550.00
1/16 Heng Long France M4A3 Sherman custom painted and weather with stowage, smoke, sound and airsoft $265.00
All tanks are 100% assembled and ready to go just add 8 AA batteries for transmitter
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